This unit examines a range of personal spiritual formation approaches that contribute to the deepening awareness of how our spiritual journey impacts our lived experience and engagement with the world.

The concepts of spirituality and spiritual formation are explored to set the context for the course.

The themes covered in the course include an introduction to spiritual direction, retreats, Sabbath, personality and spirituality and contemplative practices.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  • Demonstrating a clear understanding of how spirituality and spiritual formation relate to their personal lived experience
  • Articulating a brief outline of the history of spiritual writers who have influenced awareness of spiritual practices
  • Describing with critical self-awareness personal experiences of spiritual direction and spiritual retreats
  • Developing and illustrating a clear understanding of the way in which personality impacts spiritual development
  • Outlining the spiritual practices that lay a foundation for spiritual growth and demonstrating this within their own practices.

2018 Course Details

Facilitator: Rev Dr Peter Bentley


  • Wednesday 26 to Friday 28 September, 9.30am to 4.30pm AND
  • Wednesday 3 to Friday 5 October, 9.30am to 4.30pm

Location: WellSpring Centre, 10 Y Street, Ashburton VIC 3147

Class size (minimum and maximum number of students) is designed to facilitate optimal participation.

2018 Costs

Academic Credit:

Per University of Divinity schedule (15 point post-graduate unit). If students enrol through University of Divinity, FEE-Help may be available to cover tuition fees.


Auditing: Cost TBC.

All tuition fees are payable to your RTI or to Whitley College.


Enrolment for academic credit:

Did you know that you can enrol for this course for academic credit through the University of Divinity?

Different costs apply depending on the basis of your enrolment, and are payable directly to the University of Divinity. FEE-Help may be available for those enrolling through University of Divinity.

NB: The cost of the offsite retreat is additional to your academic fees and is not covered by FEE-Help.

Contact Dorothy Morgan at Whitley College for more information.


There is also the option of auditing this unit at a reduced cost (plus the cost of the offsite retreat).

Students who audit the course are encouraged to complete the written tasks to gain full benefit of the course, but they do not receive academic credit.

Contact Dorothy Morgan at Whitley College for more information.